Flood Defences

In our struggle with water, the interconnected chain of water systems, flood defences and engineering structures is crucial to ensuring a water-safe living environment in a large part of the Netherlands. Inpijn Blokpoel ingenieurs contributes to this every day with research and advice.

Cooperation with water boards

For decades, Inpijn Blokpoel ingenieurs has been performing geotechnical investigations to map the soil structure and strength of water barriers throughout the Netherlands. In this way there is good contact with all water boards and district water boards in the Netherlands. Inpijn-Blokpoel Ingenieurs has framework agreements with many water boards and district water boards for carrying out soil and laboratory research.

More than 10 years ago, Inpijn Blokpoel ingenieurs started with the installation of telemetric systems to actively monitor the actual head and water pressures in water defences for various water boards. From that period, traffic load tests were also carried out for Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier and Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland in order to learn more about the load distribution of traffic on green and grey embankments. The results of these tests have been included by STOWA in the national guideline (LTVRW,2015).

More than soil research alone!

The targeted acquisition of knowledge about water barriers is the first step in a good assessment of water barriers. In the years to come, Inpijn Blokpoel ingenieurs will use its knowledge and experience for the development of new investigation techniques that can also be used for distinctive advice. Cooperation with partners (water boards, water boards, engineering firms and contractors) is indispensable. Providing advice as an extension of the research makes Inpijn Blokpoel ingenieurs flexible in the field of water safety.

Tailored advice

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